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So you have recently had a bone repair surgery or got your joints or muscles repaired, or you feel regular pain or stiffness in muscles and joints or suffering from arthritis. In that case, the best you can do to yourself is to have hydrotherapy. When someone takes water therapy, the warm water helps their muscles relax and ease the pain, making them feel relaxed. The buoyancy of water creates resistance to body movements, and when opposed by the body, it helps to gain muscle strength. So, if you are in pain or in the middle of some recovery, go and have a super detoxing and relaxing hydrotherapy (aqua therapy) session at the best Hydrotherapy centre in Dubai to treat yourself and get yourself rejuvenated.

What is Hydrotherapy?

hydrotherapy for kidsHydrotherapy (Aqua therapy) is a part of physiotherapy treatment in which water is used to treat pain relief such as muscular pains and joint pains. This therapy is also popularly known as Water cure or hydropathy, or water therapy. In this type of therapy, the water used is warm, usually between 33-36° C, and the treatment is done through steam baths, foot baths, contrast therapy, saunas, colonic cleansing, etc.

Hydrotherapy has different forms varying concerning the particular disease or infirmity. Hydrotherapy offers a wide range of therapeutic practices such as therapeutic baths, aquatic exercise, Ice baths, Floatation tanks, Whirlpool hydrotherapy, etc. It has the potential to help one to fasten sports recovery or to treat diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Where to find the best physiotherapy in Dubai?

hydro therapy dubaiIf you are seeking the best Aqua therapy in Dubai, Physio plus is eagerly waiting to welcome you. Physio Plus is the most remarkable and reliable physiotherapy center in Dubai, which offers all physiotherapy services, including hydrotherapy. Below are some reasons that would let you know why you should choose Physio plus to get water therapy.

  • We have a whole team of well-experienced physiotherapists who accompanies you in your therapy and make you do the exercises in the correct manner by keeping a constant eye on you and giving guidance throughout your therapy session.
  • Physio Plus has a well-maintained collection of various kinds of equipment and devices such as Bathtubs, spray stations, and filiform shower rooms, etc.
  • In favor of the clients with decreased mobility, we serve them by providing them with the facility of walk-in-baths and aqua chairs.
  • We also have swim pools with paddlewheel technology, allowing comfortable upper and lower body exercise in water and deep-water walks and runs.

These are the qualities that differentiate Physio plus from other Aqua therapy centers in Dubai and thus making it the most dependable center to rely upon to get the best hydrotherapy in Dubai.

aqua therapy dubai

Things to remember

Hydrotherapy is a great option to get yourself healed and relaxed from injuries and pains, but you can’t replace your definitive medical treatment with Hydrotherapy. You can consider it as a catalyst to speed up the process of your recovery, but you can’t rely upon Hydrotherapy. Also, people suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, etc., and people with sensitive skin to warm water should avoid getting Hydrotherapy and, if desired, get prescribed from the doctor first.