Speech disorders are treatable, so get it done at Physio Plus

Speech disorders are so familiar health issues that can be seen around us in children and adults. Some speech disorders in children can be temporary and get normal as the child grows up, but some speech disorders can affect them for the long term. Some people think that speech disorders are untreatable and thus don’t even try to get them treated. But the truth is that all kinds of speech disorders can be treated efficiently, all you need to do is to get to your speech therapist. Get the best speech therapist in Dubai to get yourself, your kids or any of your friends the best treatment of these disorders.

All you need to know about Speed disorders

When a person is unable to produce clear sounds and make words out of them, then we can consider that the person has a speech disorder. These speech disorders can be caused due to a number of reasons such as damaged vocal cords, weak muscles, dementia, autism etc. One of the common reasons that are found after a study is that children with no one to talk to in their infancy such as children living in a nuclear family are more likely to have speech disorders as they are not practiced of speaking from the early days.

Speech disorders include several disorders such as articulation disorder, receptive disorder, fluency disorder, expressive disorder, resonance disorder, cognitive-communication disorder, Dysarthria etc.

Treatment of speech disorders by a speech therapist in UAE

The medical professionals who are expert in treating speech disorders are called speech-language pathologist (SLP). The treatment of speech disorders is not specific and it depends on the stringency of the disorder. Mild abnormality of speech can be cured automatically but severe disorders may need treatment to be cured. The therapist would first diagnose the disorder by doing several tests such as early language milestone scale, Peabody picture vocabulary test and Denver articulating screening exam.

So now we know that the treatment of speech disorders is possible and even with much efficiency. So don’t waste your time thinking it is untreatable and visit for voice therapy.

Best voice therapy Dubai

If you want to get the best speech therapy in Dubai, you should definitely go by Physio plus. Physio plus offers you a great service which you must be looking for in a good voice therapy centre.

  • It has a specialized staff of highly experienced therapists who work dedicatedly for the speech and communication of the patients.
  • A proper diagnostic inspection is done before starting the treatment so that they can make a well-planned chronology to treat the disorder according to the severity and number of disorders.
  • The therapists at Physio plus use high technology equipment such as Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), Electronic fluency devices, Hearing loops etc.

So now, if you ever need a speech therapist in Dubai, visit Physio plus for effective treatment. It facilitates the best services and is the best Adult speech and language therapist Dubai.

At last!

Speech disorders are not so serious in terms of physical health but it can lead the suffering person to loose his confidence and can lead him to get anxiety attacked while public speaking and some may even get into depression. So speech disorders should be treated properly to get them their morale and confidence.

Speech and Language Therapists (SLT) are highly trained professionals who assess and treat children and adults who are having difficulties with speech, language, and communication problems along with eating, drinking, and swallowing difficulties

How can our Speech Language Therapists help you?

Our speech therapist contributes evaluations and remediation of a variety of disorders and/or delays.includes:


  • Speech therapy can help kids learn to speak more clearly. This helps them feel more confident and less frustrated about speaking to others. Kids who have language issues can benefit socially, emotionally, and academically from speech therapy.
  • Speech therapy is especially beneficial when kids begin early in life.
  • Your child’s work with a speech therapist may last for months or even for a few years. It depends on your child’s needs. You will probably see improvement in your child’s issues. Remember, though, that therapy can’t “cure” your child. The underlying speech or language issue will still be there.


  • In addition to articulation disorders, voice disorders and fluency disorders speech and language problems also occur after a brain damage which may be
  • resulting from stroke, infections and other
  • Neurological illness.
  • speech therapy helps to attain better communication skills through different activities and exercises.

Paediatric Therapy

1. Articulation Therapy

Speech Therapy in dubai

Children often experience difficulty in producing certain sounds after tongue tie release

language and fluency disorder Dubai

  • Functional speech sound disorders
  • Dysarthria
  • Childhood apraxia of speech
  • Cleft palate or other orofacial anomalies
  • Structural deficit due to trauma or surgery
  • Hearing Impairment

language and fluency disorder Dubai

2. Voice Therapy

Speech Therapy in dubai
  • Vocal nodule
  • Vocal edema
  • Paralysis of vocal folds
  • Vocal abuse/vocal misuse

3. Therapy for Fluency Disorders

Speech Therapy in dubai
  • Stuttering(repetitions of speech sounds)
  • Cluttering(fast rate of speech)

4. Therapy for Resonance Disorders

Speech Therapy in dubai
  • Cleft palate
  • Submucous cleft palate
  • Childhood apraxia of speech
  • Neurological disorders

5. Speech & Language Therapy

Speech Therapy in dubai
  • Preschool language disorders
  • Learning disability
  • Selective mutism
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Intellectual disability
  • Hearing impairment
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Down syndrome
  • Attentional deficit hyperactivity disorder

6. Group Therapy

Speech Therapy in dubai
  • Preschool language disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Intellectual disability
  • Selective mutism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Down syndrome
  • Attentional defecit hyperactivity disorder
Speech Therapy in dubai

Parental Counseling

When a child diagnosed with a speech and language disorder associated with other medical conditions or not ;parents enter a world of therapists and services that is new and unfamiliar to most of them. The process of evaluation and development of an intervention plan can be intimidating. It may be tempting for parents to rely on the therapist to “fix” the problem. However, when parents make an effort to understand their child’s diagnosis and become active participants in the intervention process, there are benefits not just for the child but for the parents and therapists as well.

We provide you a “parent-implemented intervention”.An essential aspect of the beauty of this approach is its natural simplicity.  Essentially the SLP teaches the parent strategies and techniques to use in everyday  communications with her child.  Since these techniques are woven into the daily interactions, the therapy becomes part and parcel of what is natural and familiar instead of being “clinical”

Adults and Geriatric Therapy


Speech Therapy in dubai

Resulting From:

  • Stroke or head injury
  • muscle weakness.
  • dysarthria
  • a degenerative disease, such as Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • dementia.
  • cancer that affects the mouth or throat


Speech Therapy in dubai

Difficulty with

  • Drinking
  • Chewing
  • Swallowing
  • Coughing
  • Gaggling


Speech Therapy in dubai
  • Vocal nodule
  • Vocal edema
  • Vocal tremor
  • Spasmodic dysphonia
  • Paralysis of vocal folds
  • Vocal abuse/vocal misuse
  • For professional voice users


Speech Therapy in dubai
  • Stuttering
  • cluttering